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Mood Diary App


Have you ever tried to say something gently or hide something in conversation

because you were afraid to hurt your friends and wanted to be seen as polite?  
Good relationships are based on sharing almost anything with people you feel comfortable with.

Therefore, it feels painful to be insincere with communication
Insincerity is not healthy for mental health as well.
So, let’s be sincere and, therefore, healthy by finding a place to keep our inner thoughts.
Be a human here.

“10%” is a diary+mood app,

Create a pixel block character based on your mood,

Journal your mood in a diary,

A private space feature called “deep journal” for your encrypted diary/secret mood. 

Treat yourself better.You don’t need to be polite here, and you can speak your mind. 

Give yourself time to understand your mood using "10%"'s diary function.

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