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Uniqlo cooperates with Pizza Hut, offering Heattech technology. The material of the delivery package changes into Heattech material to ensure the delivered pizza warmth.
As winter comes, people have less time leaving the house for everything, including buying groceries. 
Food delivery has become a big deal in winter. Therefore, our deliveryman will take your pain away and bring your food to you with Heattech technology.

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Uniqlo Heattech supports tech on delivery package,  also, the heattech innerwear to riders.
PizzaHut adds Warm Fund Donation on the payment page. We are so appreciative of warming the social relationship with all your help.

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Pizza Hut will send an open letter to its competitor Dominos, challenging Dominos to keep pizza hot and ready. At the same time, Uniqlo will offer the support to stay warm with pizza with a heattech pizza bag. 
The open letter will be published as an OOH poster on the streets, subways, and bus stations.

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