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A collaborative platform was initiated for the SVA Class of 2020 to commemorate exclusive memories at SVA and present individuals' work.
Sharing memories is the original intention of this project. As students at SVA, our memories are closely tied to items we use and see in our daily lives. It might be a cup of coffee that you wake up to or the lamp that has been through sleepless nights with you. As to a visual solution, we express each person's unique memory by using vending machines and items to present them.


Time flies. Two thousand twenty graduates are destined to be the most memorable ones. We still have too many words to say, things we want to do, memories we want to hold on to. But how? We chose to open our account okkin Instagram based on our previous survey of social media usage habits among SVA student groups. SVA Memory Dispenser is for the class of 2020 to share their stories and present their work.
Up to the final mailing, all preliminary preparations have been completed.From March 28 (Saturday) onwards, we will continue to push updates and provide graduation memorial service for Class 2020 and instructors.


Qiuyang Fu (Felix)
Jie Zhao (Zoe)
Ruoyue Bai (Natalie)
Yuan Zhuang (Claire)
YuFei Qiao (Christy)
Yinglun Li (Elaine)
Danhua Xiong (Dorothy)
Xiyuan Sun (Grace)
Wendi Li (Chill)
Jiawen Liang
Shuyi Qiu (Suliya)
Mengyi Zhuo (Mandi)
Ziyin Wu (Catherine)
Wen Zhang (Wen)
Letao Ma (Momo)
Anqi Song (Angela)

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