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Santa Bee

This book is done on the impact of climate change
on the ecosystem, especially for pollinators.




Bees are vital in plant reproduction, making them fundamental to healthy ecosystems.


The changing climate impacts pollinators by altering a suite of climactic variables

(temperature, precipitation, humidity, extreme events, etc.),

affecting environmental parameters (snowpack, snowmelt timing, drought, flooding, etc.),

and potentially weakening the plant populations that pollinators depend on

Paying attention to climate change requires

protecting pollinators who service ecosystems and our food crops.

Since the action of bees bringing pollen to the pistil

looks similar to Santa Claus delivering presents to children


In this project, the bee is illustrated in the role of Santa Claus

for unpollinated plants (the young form of a plant before the blossom of fruit).


On the way to the flowers, the bee may encounter climate issues,

making it difficult or impossible for him to reach the pistil.

This concept of illustrating Santa Claus as a bee

addresses a younger generation to express the climate problems they will face.



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